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Pest Control in York Region  

Pest control in York Region is a perennial problem. Once household pests, such as insects and small rodents, get into your home, getting them out again can be a difficult task. The professional technicians at York Pest Control have been serving York Region since 1983.  You can trust them to look after your pest problems for you. York Pest Control's trained technicians will analyse the problem, identify the household pests you are dealing with, and eliminate them.

There are a number of household pests that will cause damage to your home, and will pose health hazards to both your family and to any pets you might own. Many household pests are not a problem until they try to take over your house. 

Here in York Region, the most common of these household pests are:

You will find a complete list of the pests we control here.  If the pest you are having trouble with does not appear in this list, contact us and we will come out to identify it and the course of action required to rid you of the problem.

At York Pest Control, we are committed to providing safe and effective solutions to all of your rodent and insect control problems. We implement an integrated approach to pest management, one which is both supported and encouraged by the Ministry of the Environment. We strive to do our part to maintain a healthy environment.  Our technicians use only up-to-date equipment, which adheres to the current environmental safety standards. All of our technicians' vehicles are serviced regularly to cut down on harmful emissions. The products our technicians use are environmentally friendly, and we make sure to use the minimum amount of product to achieve the maximum degree of pest control. Our employee standards are just as high, and we work continually to maintain a safe and productive workplace for all of our employees. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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