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About Us & Our Company

Founded back in 1983 by local pest expert Bryan Calvert, York Pest Control is proud of its longstanding presence, history and reputation as York Region’s trusted local pest control company. For 40 years, York Pest Control has been 100% committed to providing safe and effective solutions to all of your rodent and insect issues. We use an integrated pest management approach, one which is both supported and encouraged by the Ministry of the Environment. Our licensed professional technicians use safe environmentally friendly products and up-to-date equipment, and we treat our customers like friends and family.

In 2016 York Pest Control decided to team up with Nemarket’s very own local pest control company, Environmental Pest Control, who shared the same commitment to providing safe, effective environmentally friendly pest control solutions and customer care. Today, we continue to proudly operate under the trusted York Pest Control brand here in York Region.

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The original owner and operator of York Pest Control standing beside two blue trucks with white cabs