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Residents of Maple have been engaging the services of York pes Control to eliminate their pest problems since the business first opened in 1983. Whether you require pest control service in your home, cottage or place of business, York Pest Control can help. 

The Village of Maple is a high-growth suburban community northwest of Toronto. Maple is part of the City of Vaughan in York Region. Its biggest claim to fame is that it is home to Canada's Wonderland, a most prestigious landmark.

The history of Maple can be traced to its founding families: the Noble family and Rupert family. The Nobles settled around the present Major Mackenzie Drive and Keele Street intersection in the early half of the 19th century. In 1852 the Town was called Noble's Corner after Joseph Noble, the first Postmaster. Later, a Doctor Rupert lived in Maple and was such a respected member of the community that the Village's name was changed to Rupertsville. Local folklore associates the name "Maple" with the numerous Maple trees once found along Keele Street in the Village.

Some of the more significant sites in Maple include Canada's Wonderland, the Masonic Lodge which was founded in 1854 and is one of the oldest in Upper Canada, and the Maple Women's Institute, reputedly the third one in the world when it was established in 1897. The most famous native of Maple is William Maxwell Aitken, also known as Lord Beaverbrook. A publisher and newspaper magnate, Lord Beaverbrook served on the British Cabinet and was Britain's Minister of Aircraft Production during the Second World War.