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Residents and businesses in Newmarket, have been engaging the services of York Pest Control since 1983.


York Pest Control has been one of the trusted pest control experts in Newmarket since 1983.

The Town of Newmarket is a municipality in the heart of The Region of York. Newmarket is a multicultural community with a population of 84,000. This number is projected to grow to 98,000 by 2026.  From 1991-2006, the Town of Newmarket's population rose by 63.4 % while the GTA average has risen by 53.1%. (Source: Statistics Canada, 2006 Census of Canada)

Newmarket has over 70 parks and nature trails including the Wesley Brooks Memorial Conservation Area / Fairy Lake and theMabel Davis Conservation Area which features the lovely Mabel Davis Trail.

Newmarket has, within its borders, an abundance of natural park area and green space.  As a result, it also has the perfect environment to breed insect pests such as ants, cluster flies, earwigs, beetles and spiders.

We, at York Pest Control know that such insect infestations are an ongoing concern for the residents and business owners of the Newmarket area. Our expert technicians will come to your home or place of business and diagnose your pest problem. You can trust York Pest Control to put an end to any infestation you may have.

Newmarket is also home to a vast array of animal life due to the lush environment provided from spring to winter. For the most part, these critters remain outdoors during the nice weather, but harsh winter conditions may force some of them to seek shelter within the confines of your property. Although York Pest Control does not provide animal control for all the critters that may plague your home or place of business, we do offer pest control for mice and rats.  York Pest Control's expert technicians will diagnose your pest problem and provide you with all available avenues to control your problem.

Contact the experts at York Pest Control for expert service and to find the perfect solution to your pest control problem.