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Residents of the village of Sharon have been experiencing the services of York Pest Control since 1983.


Sharon is a village in the Town of East Gwillimbury located just north of Newmarket ON, in the "Heart of York Region".  

The Sharon Temple, the one-time meeting house of the Children of Peace (or Davidite) religious sect, is located in Sharon.  the Sharon Temple is part of the architectural heritage of Ontario. Like other Southern Ontario towns, Sharon has some seasonal pests to deal with. Due to the large variation of temperature, the seasons force certain insects indoors when it becomes cold and out again when it warms up. Spring brings the hibernating insects back out while winter encourages them to sleep.

One of these insects is the European Earwig. These insects migrated to North America in the early 1900's and are now considered native.

Earwigs emerge in the spring, thrive in humid weather, and can hibernate during the winter, either as adults or eggs. They sometimes tunnel as deep as 1.8 m (6feet) below the soil surface to escape the cold, returning again in the spring to destroy your lawn and garden. If the summer months are dry, earwigs will enter homes and buildings in search of moisture. For this reason, left unchecked, an earwig problem will return next season in increased numbers. If you have an earwig problem that you wish to solve, call BYork Pest Control.