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Image depicting how to get rid of bed bugs


With global travel and new limits on pesticides, bed bugs have spread to just about every city in the world. The fear of being blamed for a bed bug infestation can prevent some people from reporting bed bugs in their home or apartment, which only makes the problem worse.

Rather than try to place blame,it is more important to take action. If we all do our part to prevent, identify and act we can control this pest. Bedbugs are parasites. Bedbugs have a small, oval body, shaped much like an apple seed. They live near humans, making their homes in the cracks and crevices of bed frames, mattresses and box springs, in dressers, or behind baseboards. These insects feed on blood, typically human, and become much easier to spot after a blood feeding. They may leave rust-coloured stains on bed linens, mattresses, and box springs.

To effectively control a bedbug infestation, the bed frames, mattresses, box springs, baseboards, dresser drawers and nightstands all must be treated.

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