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Getting rid of beetles will remove a serious nuisance from your home. There are several sorts of beetle that commonly infest homes in York Region. While some are simply an unsightly nuisance, others may damage your home and belongings. Knowing which sort of beetle has infested your home is important in determining how to deal with the infestation. Let York Pest Control's expert technicians identify and deal with your beetle problems for you.

Image depicting carpet beetles


The carpet beetle has a small, oval-shaped body, and is black or brown in colour, with lighter spots on its back. They are destructive, and will attack and damage natural fibres, such as those in clothing or in carpets.

To control a carpet beetle infestation, it is necessary to first find the source of said infestation. Once that has been accomplished, they can be dealt with using a liquid formulation.

There are four distinct types of the carpet beetle in the York Region area. If you think you have an infestation, York Pest Control will come out and identify it so that it can be elimintaed.

Image depicting cone nose bug


Cone nosed bugs are small, between 20mm and 25mm (roughly 1 ") in length. Their bodies are brown in colour, with lighter markings along their backs.

When crushed, the cone nosed bug emits a scent similar to that of pine needles. The cone nosed bug typically enters a dwelling in the fall, and will winter over in the attic or the walls of the building.

Control of cone nosed bug infestations takes place in the fall, with treatment applied to the exterior walls, fascia, soffits, windows and door frames to prevent the insect from taking up residence.

Image depicting asian lady beetles


The multicolored Asian lady beetle (often referred to mistakenly as a Lady bug), has become common throughout Ontario. It is well known for the annoying habit of accumulating on the sides of buildings and wandering indoors during the fall. Asian lady beetles are a beneficial biological control in trees during the summer, and in fields and gardens during the fall, but can be a severe household nuisance pest during late fall, winter and spring. Country areas, wooded residential and industrial areas are especially prone to severe problems. These little pests can spread over time and may be more difficult to rid as time passes.

Sealing exterior gaps and cracks around windows, doors, eaves, roofs, siding and other points of access before these insects appear can help prevent some unwanted entry. Experience suggests, that comprehensive pest proofing is time-consuming, often impractical and is usually not effective. For large infestations with intolerable numbers of insects, spraying pyrethroid insecticides such as permethrin to the outside of buildings when the beetles appear will help prevent pest entry. Overall, homeowner insecticides do not provide satisfactory prevention.