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Carpenter ants are not just a serious cottage living pest issue. They can be present in any home or business.

a close up of a carpenter ant


Carpenter ants, as their name suggests, like wood. Unlike termites who eat wood, carpenter ants burrow into wood, especially wood that is rotten or wet which is easier to tunnel into, to build their nests. As carpenter ant colonies grow, they tunnel further into undamaged wood, which increases the structural damage to your home, cottage or business. Depending on the size of the carpenter ant infestation and where they are nesting, the severity of the damage can be serious.


a group of carpenter ant carrying an egg


Learn more about carpenter ants and how to identify them in our pest library.  

The best defense against carpenter ants is preventing them, so we asked our expert pest management professionals to share their tips for how you can prevent carpenter ant issues. Here's what they recommend:

We hope you find these tips helpful in preventing carpenter ants from damaging your home, cottage or business.

If you have a carpenter ant infestation or are concerned that you may have one, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at York Pest Control. We’ve been helping resolve carpenter ant issue since 1983.