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Image depicting how to get rid of mosquitoes


There are over 3,000 species of mosquitoes around the world. Mosquitoes are a loud, annoying and biting pest. Their bites itch terribly and can cause allergic reactions like swelling, irritation and inflammation. In Ontario mosquitoes are less of a serious health concern but are feared because they more of can spread diseases like West Nile Virus. Only female mosquitoes bite, which is done mostly after mating to gain nourishment from the blood for egg development.

Adult mosquitos are 3-9 mm in length with tiny scales covering their wings and body. They have long thin legs and a long proboscis (nose). Males are smaller than females.

Females can lay eggs during their full lifespan (2 week to 6 months). Some species can produce more than 100 eggs in a single laying. Females typically lay their eggs in standing sources of water because the eggs require water to hatch.

The best way get rid of mosquitoes is to prevent them. Read our article to get tips to help prevent and minimize mosquitoes. For special outdoor events, mosquito control service can be an effective solution to help keep mosquitoes away.