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When handling pest issues, natural DIY pest control remedies are often sought out.  Why? Because the term ‘Pest Control’ is commonly thought to mean using toxic, smelly and dangerous chemicals and sprays. These types of products make many uncomfortable and are perceived as being unsafe for people, pets and harmful to the environment.

a bowl of lemongrass and lemons, fresh lemongrass, apple cider vinegar and a spray bottle

Some of the most common natural things that people use to try to get rid of unwanted pests include:

Do these types of natural eco-friendly pest control remedies really work? Some say they do, and others have not had the same success. Often these types of natural home remedies are effective at repelling some types of bugs or insects. And when used in very large quantities, these natural pest control solutions could kill bugs upon direct contact. They do not, however, solve a true infestation or pest problem. Unfortunately, by the time you see bugs, insects or rodents in your home, cottage or business, an infestation has likely already occurred somewhere, and even worse, you’re only likely seeing a tiny fraction of the issue.

For effective pest control, it’s really important to handle pest issues as soon as they are discovered. It’s even more important to handle the issue correctly the first time to prevent the situation from getting out of control and causing harm to you, your family, your customers or even your home or business structure:

If you’re looking to eliminate pests naturally, the best natural solution is consistent pest-proofing through all the seasons. This helps you prevent pests from invading and infesting year-round. Check out these helpful pest proofing tips for summer, fall, winter and spring.

If you do have a real pest issue, consider hiring an environmentally responsible pest control professional, like York Pest Control, who shares your 'green' beliefs, and who you can feel good about working with. We specialize in eco-friendly pest control and will design a more natural pest control solution that is less reliant on chemicals.